Zichron Yisroel Congregation

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Rabbi’s Message

The Yamim Nora’im (Days of Awe) give us an opportunity to reflect upon our lives and see ourselves as a work in progress.  In addition, we experience the collective memory of the Jewish people; we are a link that connects past and future generations of a nation rich in history and enduring wisdom.  These reflective moments inspire us to Teshuva (return to God).

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President’s Message

As President of Zichron Yisroel Congregation, I welcome you and your family to our community. It is an honour for me to represent our Kehilla.
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Welcome to
Zichron Yisroel Congregation.

We are a small, warm and friendly Orthodox synagogue located in beautiful Thornhill, Ontario. We began in 1995 with a very clear objective and that has not changed: “to make all Jews feel welcome regardless of background, level of observance, knowledge, age or socioeconomic circumstances.” This is particularly important since the orthodox community has undergone a polarization in recent years, resulting in a feeling of exclusion among traditional and perhaps non-practicing Jews. Towards this end, Zichron Yisroel makes all members fee a vibrant and equal part of a halachic community which can serve them and their children.

Zichron Yisroel is led by our spiritual leader, Rabbi, Dr. Charles Grysman, a respected scholar, is gifted with a wonderful understanding of people in today’s stressed and hurried world. He offers keen insight into individual circumstances.

Together with a dedicated group of volunteers, we have created an atmosphere that is now enjoyed by over 100 families, and growing. If you in the area and are looking for a shul to call your home, please come by to one of our services – Friday night, Shabbat morning or afternoon, weekday mornings, and Jewish Holidays. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and will hopefully find that spark you may have felt was missing!



Membership and High Holiday Package

Sponsor a Kiddush

Would you like to sponsor a kiddush for a special occasion or in someone’s honour or memory? Sponsorship opportunities start from $160.00 (or less than $100 to sponsor a youth kiddush). Contact the Kiddush Chair, Esther, at ebergman@sympatico.ca.

We Appreciate and
Welcome Donations

To make a donation or to donate a Siddur ($40) or Chumash ($60) to honour a lifecycle event – please contact Jack Weinberg for more information.

Associated Hebrew Schools Announcement

As is known within our community, Associated Hebrew Schools sold the property and has recently moved out of the Kamin building. However, our shul remains in the existing building. While we finalize our shul's next steps, you can be confident in our future.

We have completed the required work to be a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), enabling us to directly provide receipts for donations.

We are a vibrant kehillah with over 140 member families. We have welcomed 12 new families in the last year, despite the uncertainties concerning our location. Our reputation for being a warm, inclusive community is becoming well known. Your shul management committee will work tirelessly to ensure that we continue to thrive during and beyond this transition period.


As a charity registered with the CRA, you can review our by-laws.


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