Rabbi’s Message

The Yamim Nora’im (Days of Awe) give us an opportunity to reflect upon our lives and see ourselves as a work in progress.  In addition, we experience the collective memory of the Jewish people; we are a link that connects past and future generations of a nation rich in history and enduring wisdom.  These reflective moments inspire us to Teshuva (return to God).

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President’s Message

As President of Zichron Yisroel Congregation of Associated Hebrew Schools, I welcome you and your family to our community. It is an honour for me to represent our Kehilla.
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Youth Program

Youth Chair’s Message
Sidura Ludwig

Looking for an intimate, fun and engaging Shabbat youth program? We offer exciting and educational youth programming throughout the year.

Our youth program services children ages 2-12. Enthusiastic and caring youth workers lead our kids in fun games and activities. Our youth minyan gives older kids the opportunity to develop prayer leadership skills, while younger children learn to daven together in a fun and supportive environment. Davening is led and supervised by a collaborative rotation of parent volunteers. Our experienced youth workers also lead circle and story time for our youngest members. And of course, before joining parents again in the main shul, children are treated to their own special youth kiddush.

We are a small but enthusiastic group of young families always looking to welcome new children and families to our kehillah. Come join us!


Please join us

Please join us each Shabbat to have a great morning with friends! I look forward to seeing you there.

Please Note

The Zichron Yisroel Youth Program is always looking for donations of gently used toys and games. Please contact Sidura Ludwig (sidura@yahoo.com) for more details.

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